Our Desiccant Air Dryer Solutions

Gardner Denver's desiccant air dryers provide not only compression packages, but a full range of air treatment systems. The range of air treatment equipment is designed for optimum performance and life with a sensitive watch on energy consumption. Each Gardner Denver product has been designed to offer reduced energy usage or to include energy saving features. Gardner Denver designed desiccant air dryers to absorb moisture to produce clean air. Moisture is transported through the drying process allowing the system to blow the material dry. The desiccant dryer can also be referred to as adsorption dryers or regenerative desiccant dryers. There are different types of desiccant air dryers, including heatless, externally heated, blower purge and dual or single tower setup.

  • Heatless Desiccant Dryer - This system uses a small amount of dried, compressed air to purge and restore the off-line tower.

  • Externally Heated Purge Dryer - The externally heated compressed air dryer uses the dew point to product against freezing during low ambient conditions and keeps the compressed air system bone dry during the summer heat.

  • Blower Purge Dryer - Desiccant dryers consume energy through the process of using purge air to prepare the “off-line” desiccant tower for its next cycle of operation by a process called regeneration.

  • Heat of Compression Dryer - Thermal energy generated during the air compression process of the compressor is utilized to regenerate the offline desiccant tower.

  • Dual Tower Dryer - The dual tower dryer uses the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method for drying wet compressed air. The unique design allows for the dryer to start and stop with a compressor to eliminate purge loss.

  • Single Tower Dryer - Contaminated compressed air enters the oil pre filter housing and flows from the inside to the outside of the element. Water and oil condensate falls to the bottom where it is discharged by the automatic drain.

  • Air Purifier Dryer - Designed to convert compressed air to breathable air for a safe work space. Removing moisture, solid particles, oil aerosols, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors from the air.

  • Reliability & Efficiency

    These specific air dryers operate in remote and hazardous conditions consistently stripping the air of dirt and moisture. An important component of this system is its efficiency. Desiccant air dryers can become expensive because they continuously run. That’s why it is important to find a desiccant air dryer you can trust. Only the highest quality desiccant is used to help ensure the lowest possible pressure dew points. Through years of research and experience, Gardner Denver knows what it takes to build the best dryers on the market.

    Gardner Denver Technology

    Quality dryers start with quality components. Through years of research and experience, Gardner Denver knows what it takes to build the best dryers on the market. Every component of the dryers have been tested and proven to be worthy of being associated with the Gardner Denver name. The desiccant air dryer systems contain silica gel or other desiccant. The system activates alumina which provides improved absorption, lower pressure drop and higher crush strength.