Garo Acts as Jury Member for High School Technical Competition in Monza

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Garo believes in young people and not only promotes internship experiences for students at its premises but takes part in student-company events, creating an active link between institutes and the work environment. "Tecnicamente" is an Italian event, which is promoted by Adecco and which takes place annually in May. During this edition, students competed on technical projects, which were developed starting from the theme "interpreting the technological complexity, innovation, and applicability in the industrial sector. 

Representative employees of different companies compose the jury, to evaluate the projects. This year Garo is proud to have been selected as a jury member. By participating, our company could meet many students from the territory and introduce its expertise and products. During this special day, Garo was asked to assess the creativity of some students of the Technical Institute "P. Hensemberger" in Monza.

The projects ranged from a small rover for radiation monitoring to a 3D printer, a vapor engine to a complete home automation system; to the construction of an entire website for a charity program. All the students presented terrific projects, but only two of them won on equal merit: the small rover for radiation monitoring and the 3D printer.   
Garo Tecnicamente Contest Inventions

This kind of event gives Garo a great chance to meet and acquire young talents, and then nurture them in their professional growth. Garo strongly believes that young and fresh employees make the difference in the company-working environment. For us these principles are not only a mere statement: we regularly employee students for the national work-school alternation program.