Gardner Denver compressors for biomass power plant

The new low-emission biomass electricity generation plant in the energy complex in Huelva (Spain) expected to be one of the largest high-efficiency low-emission biomass renewable energy plants in the country. Gardner Denver was selected to supply the highly innovative compressed air and dryer system to face high-the superior air quality requirements.

Sener case study

Project Details

As a leader in the power sector, our EPC contractor customer requires equipment that performs and provides the reliability needed for complex installations. Gardner Denver was selected for instrument and service air applications of the new low-emission biomass electricity generation plant in Huelva (Spain).

The compressors and air treatment accessories had to be customized to the final requirements with high air quality challenges.

The challenge and the solution

Our customer looked for technology able to provide extreme air quality. However, there was a degree of uncertainty as to which technology, or combination of technologies, would best suit process demands. Finally, Gardner Denver presented the solution: special motors and filters.

The combination of special cyclonic and activated carbon filters ensures superior air quality, free of particles, water and oil.

In addition to that, special compressor motors ensure more restrictive insulation than a standard motor (Class F / B), in addition to working at high temperatures, and heater to avoid condensations.

Premium efficiency airend

The high output airend with slow rotational speed reduces energy costs. In addition to this, the innovative design of the fail-safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensures external hoses are reduced to a minimum to guarantee that the highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved. Under the free Assure warranty the airends are covered up to 44,000 hours.

The perfect response to individual air demands

Regulated speed compressors from CompAir can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems.

The annual cost of ownership can be significantly reduced using regulated speed technology.

The L-RS Series products are designed to obtain the greatest efficiency across the entire operating range:

  • Wide regulation range
  • No cycles means substantial energy savings
  • Perfect motor - drive - airend design

The result

Gardner Denver engineers designed a compressor system that provides high-quality air (Class 0). The biomass power plant is now benefiting from having air compressors which, thanks to special motors and filters ensure all quality conditions under control.