Roots Rotary Lobe Blower Oil

Best Performance for Your Roots Lobe Blower

LongLife by Robuschi is a range of lubricants that meet and exceed the requirements of your blowers.
We know that roots lobe blowers need to operate in difficult and sometimes extreme conditions. When temperature and pressure fluctuations are a factor, using the proper oil can prevent failures, improve temperature resistance and reduce oxidation.

Our decades of experience in the low-pressure market led us to formulate this blend of fully synthetic oils. The oils offer excellent wear protection and good ageing stability, thus protecting your investments and keeping you productive.

The proper lubrication of your roots lobe blower can help you save energy and money, as well as reduce production downtime.

LongLife Lobe lubricants are designed and manufactured specifically for industrial roots rotary lobe blowers. They are meant to withstand the toughest environmental and operating conditions.
Thanks to the balanced selection of additives, LongLife Lobe prevents corrosion and gives your roots lobe blower protection from premature ageing.
Surely, LongLife Lobe roots lobe blower oil is the best choice to guarantee superior protection for your equipment.

Robuschi Blower Oil

Features and Benefits:

• High viscosity index grants a wide temperature range of operation

• Excellent oxidative stability ensures longer service life

• Excellent rust and corrosion resistance protects the internal blower components

• Low foaming tendency improves performance

• Good demulsibility boosts equipment protection in case of reduced product maintenance

• High-quality oil means extended drain intervals, with the environmental benefit of less used oil waste generated


Oil for lobe and screw

We offer the following range of LongLife Lobe roots lobe blower lubricants:

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