Compact Blower Solution

How to overcome limited floorspace when choosing a new blower


One of the most common issues faced by businesses today is limited floorspace in plants, factories and other facilities.


A lack of available on-site space in industrial facilities is a real problem for many businesses. Many sites will have grown to full capacity and will not have room for additional equipment, and the cost of constructing an additional space to house this machinery can be prohibitive. For instance, statistics from Statista show that the average cost per square meter of an internal area for constructing a new industrial building in London is over £2,000.

Rotary lobe blowers can offer reliable process air for a wide array of industries, including wastewater treatment, industrial, environmental and biogas, but one of the biggest challenges today is ensuring the equipment can fit onto a site. With space at a premium, blower technology needs to be compact and power dense to meet today’s demands, while making the most of what limited space is available.

Taking all this into account, we carefully designed and developed the Robox Direct blower to help you save space wherever possible – without sacrificing on any efficiency, reliability or performance levels. It can be quickly and easily integrated into a compressor room, while also being suitable for upgrading plants if needed.

Furthermore, its modular design means a series of units can be installed side-by-side, or they can even be stacked on top of scaffold structures to really make the most of available space.

Taking up a third less floorspace than conventional systems, our Robox Direct blower is ideal for plants where space is limited.

And we didn’t stop there. The compact design of the Robox Direct also means that the system uses a direct-driven motor that operates without gears or belts, maximising efficiency and regulating flow according to the application and its demands.

Compact Blower Solution

Regulated speed also ensures no energy is wasted, resulting in an impressive eight per cent efficiency improvement when compared with traditional lobe belt transmission models.

Available with a pressure range up to 1,000 mbar (g), volume flow up to 700m3/hr, and motor power at either 22 or 30 kW, you can find out more about Robox Direct by clicking here.

Compact Blower Solution Installation