Medium Pressure Liquid Ring Compressors

Medium pressure liquid ring compressors deliver reliable, proven performance for demanding process applications including recovery and compression of hydrocarbons and the compression of hydrogen, chlorine, and other process gases. With a discharge pressure up to 75 PSIG (6 bar), Nash offers efficient, medium pressure compressors with low maintenance requirements. Alternate seal liquids can be used when water is not compatible with the process gas. Our medium pressure liquid ring compressors are available in stainless steel, ductile iron, and other optional materials.

Many NASH vacuum pumps can also work as low and medium pressure compressors.

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Compressor Performance Chart
*Performance data is for illustrative purposes. Please consult with Nash Engineer or Sales Representative for pump sizing and specific performance data. 

NASH liquid ring compressors have the greatest performance range worldwide. Our compressors work on discharge pressures up to 200 PSIG (15 bar abs.) with a suction capacity of 8,800 CFM (1,500 m³/h) or 9,400 CFM (16,000 m³/h). Thus, compressing gas to 30 PSIG (2 bar abs.) depending on the machine and application.

Advantages Of Liquid Ring Compressors

NASH liquid ring compressors require minimal care and low maintenance. Our compressors reduce power and operating costs by handling higher capacities with less energy, and provide the following features and benefits: 

  • Ability to handle carryover resulting in minimal process problems and an increase in uptime for severe applications 
  • Long design life of 40+ years offering the highest reliability 
  • No internal lubrication required, which means less maintenance and downtime
  • No metal-to-metal contact and constant wear-free performance
  • Cool running, minimal temperature rise between inlet and discharge that is ideal for explosive gases and vapor recovery applications 
  • Only one moving part for simple and reliable operation 

Highest Standards

Nash is committed to the highest standards in production and safety. We have many ISO certificates, issued to our facilities worldwide and continue to improve our quality by optimizing internal processes. NASH compressors are certified to ATEX and other global industrial standards.

Efficient Solutions

Our vast compressor product line covers the greatest performance range of liquid ring compressors worldwide and is available as single and two stage compressors. By handling higher capacities with less energy, our compressors reduce power and operating costs.

Nash has a global network of service and support is always available to keep your system running for years. Backed by over 100 years of experience, Nash will provide the right compressor to suit your application needs. Need performance plus proven reliability? You need Nash.