Hydrovane compressors now the smarter option with iConn

Gardner Denver’s smart monitoring system, iConn, is now enabled on industrial Hydrovane compressors from 11kW to 45kW. The cloud-based data management platform enables operators to control, optimise and improve their compressed air processes and performance.


iConn Logo  for Hydrovane 


As Industry 4.0 drives opportunities for users to share and analyse asset data, customers are demanding more intelligent insights into their compressed air performance to remove risks, improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.

iConn has been developed with this in mind, providing a detailed overview of system performance, helping users to view and analyse key operating data and, crucially, highlighting potential issues before they become a real problem.

This can provide tangible benefits to a business’ bottom line, with real-time monitoring, alarms and warnings to reduce risk of downtime. Remote sites can be easily monitored and compressor performance optimised with machine parameters and trend analysis over time.

iConn is also an open platform, supporting ancillary and compressed air products from other brands. 

Hydrovane HV45 Rotary Vane Compressor with iConn Smart Monitoring System

The Hydrovane series of rotary vane compressors are reliable, versatile, powerful and cost effective, and can be used for a variety of industrial applications, such as pick-and-place operations, pneumatic conveying, drying and forming, robotics, and for powering a range of air-based tools.

Steve Downes, Hydrovane Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, said: “We are delighted to announce that the iConn monitoring system is now enabled on our range of Hydrovane air compressors, from 11kW to 45kW. With real-time insight available at their fingertips, plant managers can enjoy peace of mind, greater control and improved cost-savings.”