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Military High Pressure Air Compressors

Specialists Under Pressure

When dealing with the military, guaranteed continuous operation in the harshest environments is a necessity. Our military high pressure air compressors are designed to meet defence shock requirements as standard, so whatever your application demands, Reavell can deliver.

Below are just two examples of specialist solutions designed for global militaries.

Mobile, Flexible, Reliable

This robust solution is used by militaries across the globe. The heavy duty axles and dependable diesel engine, combined with a weatherproof enclosure ensure that this compressor can function at optimum levels in any environment.

The breathing air quality filtration and extra length delivery hose deliver air that can be used across a wide range of applications.

Lowest Footprint, Noise and Vibration Maximum Performance 

Built from our ultra-reliable and maintainable H5437 compressor block, this solution was configured for a customer with demands for the smallest possible footprint and the lowest noise and vibration signature available.

This specialist solution delivers a maximum of 142 Nm3/hr at 275 barg from a footprint of only 4.32m2.  With noise and vibration levels below 85 dBA and 90 dBref 1e-5 m/s2, and shock tested to ISO EN 60068-2-27 at 15g in all directions – this HPAC unit is truly a market leading solution.  What’s more, breathing air delivery of -20°C dew point, less than 0.5 mg/m3 lubricant and absolutely no water particles mean this air can be used for a wide range of applications.