Air Displacement Pipettes and Pipetting Modules

TriContinent Offers the Widest Range of High-Precision Air Displacement Pumps for Analytical Instrumentation Manufacturers

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Pipette Pumps for All Pipetting Tasks

Since reliability and precision are the foundation of diagnostic and life science instruments, TriContinent pipette pumps are the first choice for leading manufacturers. We offer automated, fully-featured, and programmable air displacement pipette pumps for all liquid handling applications

Our pipette pumps are designed to provide a seamless integration experience. They can be equipped with integrated tip ejection, an automatic liquid level detector, various tips, tip blockage, motor step loss feedback, and more. Our air displacement pipetting modules are available with or without control electronics and a pressure sensor for pressure-monitored pipetting, detecting tip blockage, and more.

TriContinent pipette pumps are manufactured to comply with ISO 13485 certification guidelines. They follow industry-standard protocols to offer plug-and-play compatibility. Thanks to their lightweight and compact size, they allow you to save space and simplify the design of your OEM instrument. Sample transfers or reagent aliquoting can be done accurately and precisely, eliminating cross-contamination and carryover.

We are a well-established supplier thanks to our industry experience and our offer of exceptional customization options. Our wide variety of pipetting module configurations offers superb flexibility for numerous volumes and mounting configurations. Proven designs leveraging our precision glass syringes and long-life seal technology, provide exceptional performance, and enduring maintenance-free longevity.

A range of benefits for your liquid handling instrumentation

  • Suitable for all common pipetting functions
  • No priming necessary
  • Wide range of pump capacities (from 50 µL to 5.0 mL)
  • Precision dosing (from a few µL to several mL)
  • Wide flow rate range (from  low nL/min to 2.5 mL/sec)
  • Extremely precise and accurate
  • Maintenance-free operation and long life
  • Works with clear or conductive (black) tips

TriContinent Range of Air Displacement Pipettes

Air-Z Premier

The Air-Z Premier is our full-featured, fully programmable air displacement pipetting module with integrated tip ejection. It can also automatically detect liquid levels by using capacitive or pressure-based liquid level detection. Air-Z Premier is defined by its secure tip installation, tip blockage, and motor step loss. It is available with many other options at your request.

Air-Z Flex

The Air-Z Flex is an automated air displacement pipetting module offering the ultimate in flexibility. It is available with or without control electronics and sensors, and provides mounting flexibility that allows it to fit into various device designs.

Air-Z Mini

The Air-Z Mini is TriContinent's most economical air displacement pipette. This model is ideal for low-duty cycle applications and is designed for easy installation and replacement.

Air-Z Legacy

The Air-Z Legacy is TriContinent's well-established air displacement pipette designed for use in a wide variety of liquid handling applications. Volumes can range from 200 µL to 5 mL.

Case Study | Air-Z Pipette Pumps Help to Launch NGS Workflow Simplification Project

TriContinent helped a leading provider of products and services for the scientific community evolve their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) equipment instrument. The company's goal was to introduce new, improved, and fully integrated components to simplify the NGS workflow. Read how our experts provided the pipette pumps that elevated the NGS system to be more efficient, compact, and easy to use.

Download the Case Study

The Technology behind Air Displacement Pipettes

Air displacement pipettes use the same operating principles as hand-held electronic pipettes or manual pipettes. They immerse the tip in a vessel to aspirate the medium into a disposable tip. The liquid is then dispensed into another container. This technology helps to avoid cross-contamination of the samples and eliminate the risk of carryover.

Technical Advantage Overview

TriContinent Air Displacement Pipette (ADP) pumps’ pipetting performance for automation applications is as good as or better than that of the best hand-held pipettes. This is because hand-held pipettes most commonly utilize plastic “syringe” barrels and plastic pistons. Those are subject to typical molding tolerance variation and compliance in actuation. Yet accuracy & precision (A&P) can still be quite good, especially if “human factors” (e.g. hand shake, hand warming, surface-level immersion variation, speed, etc.) are minimized.

Aspiration and dispense volume accuracy is a function of bore and stroke accuracy. The bore accuracy of TriContinent’s pipette pumps is unmatched. The same accuracy and precision are provided by the borosilicate glass barrels used in TriContinent’s high-precision syringes. There, ID tolerances are consistently held to +/- 5 microns along the entire length of the barrel.

Stroke accuracy is provided by the most highly rated, extremely repeatable, and highest resolution motors and linear actuators available in the market today.

The TriContinent Air-Z line of automation pipette pumps ensures exceptional performance and longevity. They are arguably the most compact ADP pumps available, which enables the design of smaller benchtop and POC (point of care) devices.

When combined with the additional speed and repeatability of an OEM’s precision gantry system carrying a TriContinent Air-Z product, instruments will benefit from unparalleled pipetting performance

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