TriContinent Prime Series Syringes


The new TriContinent Prime Series Syringes offer wide choice of material and customization options

Prime Series is the latest addition to TriContinent’s extensive and versatile product line of high quality syringes. These precision instruments offer optimal performance and can be customized in a variety of characteristics in order to fit each customer’s specific needs.

TriContinent’s new Prime Series Syringes work with industry standard applications in the liquid handling market. They are available in different sizes from 50 µL (micro-liters) to 25 mL (milliliters) and are made from the highest quality materials in order to deliver optimal performance in each relevant application. The production process of the new premium syringes makes use of Borosilicate Glass 3.3, which is the best of all Borosilicate compounds for low thermal expansion and chemical resistance. The seals in Prime Series Syringes are made from only the highest grade PTFE and UHMWPE compounds for extended life.

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