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TX02 Electric Vehicle Compressor

Transit Solutions

We understand that the transit industry has high expectations of its vehicles, relying on them to operate hour after hour, carrying billions of tonnes of cargo and passengers each year. New legislation, regulations and evolving customer demands are changing the landscape of this sector, delivering ever-changing challenges for vehicle manufacturers. These include the ever-present need to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions whilst still meeting load demands.

Design, Expertise & Support

Our compact, light weight and highly reliable compressed air solutions are easily adapted to your design by our transit sector experts, ensuring optimum performance no matter what your requirements.

Our compressors are designed to deliver reliable, efficient performance hour after hour, mile after mile. Rigorous testing and design ensures you can guarantee compressed air performance.

Meeting the Demands of Next Generation Transit Vehicles

Compressed air is key to the safe and reliable operation of critical applications on most commercial vehicles. However, new hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) and fully-electric vehicles (FEVs) demand much more of their sub-systems than current diesel counterparts. Weight, size, noise and the fuel-source have all been redefined.

Direct Drive

Energy Savings

High Quality Air


Our Numbers Add Up

Our innovative compact design, clever use of materials and direct drive principles combine to reduce the overall weight, energy consumption and noise output of our Hydrovane transit compressors far below those of similar conventional package compressors.

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