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Offshore Applications

Offshore applications form one of TODO's largest markets, with TODO-MATIC® DRY-BREAK® couplers being one of the most popular and trusted products worldwide.

Our 4" and 6" TODO-MATIC® couplings are the most frequent sizes ordered by our customers to solve their fluid transfer problems. We ship aluminium and stainless steel hose and tank units globally, and in very large numbers.

TODO recommends that for offshore applications, stainless steel products are most suitable due to their resistance to corrosion from sea air.

TODO also offers the NGX Marine BREAK-AWAY, which is specifically designed for offshore applications - it can withstand all forces that do not act linearly (i.e. tidal and wave movements) so that only a pull-away force can separate the BREAK-AWAY halves, sealing both sides of the line.

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