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Ahlstrom-Munksjö heat recovery system utilizes process waste heat to heat the property

Heat for magpies? Not anymore!

Previously, the heating of the Ahlstrom-Munksjö Karhula plant was carried out using district heating. The heat recovery system supplied by Runtech Systems was commissioned in October-November 2018. The target of the project was to utilize the waste heat from the process to heat the property instead of the purchased district heating. Runtech installed a water-air heat exchanger in the process exhaust air system to heat the water in the radiator network. For production interruptions, the district heating system was left to operate in parallel. 

Energy efficiency is important to Ahlstrom-Munksjö. “Promoting sustainable development is cherished in our company. And while at the same time we are saving a large amount of money every year, then what could be better. It felt bad trying to cut the mill heating bill to a minimum and at the same time let the heat into the sky. Now the heat comes free for the needs of the entire mill, as long as the production is running. We can now also heat up the warehouses for free that were previously kept cold,” says Janne Auvinen, Maintenance Manager, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Karhula.

The share of district heating in heating energy has dropped dramatically thanks to Runtech's heat recovery system. After commissioning, district heating is largely only needed during production downtimes and in severe frosts.


 Heat recovery situation on December 2, 2020

  Current situation 2.12.2020.
  Heat recovery power: 827 kW


The heating energy recovered during the winter months covers about 80% of the total heating energy demand. The rest of the energy is covered by district heating. Approximately 1,200 MWh of waste heat is recovered annually. 


“The goals set for the project were met at least as promised. The offer was carefully prepared. The calculations had been done professionally, they could be relied on. The installation work was carried out flawlessly by a team of professionals, taking into account the mill rules and safety regulations. Cooperation with Runtech was unproblematic. Commissioning was performed after careful preparation during a one-day maintenance shutdown. We chose the Runtech solution because the reputation of the guys as skilled implementers of heat recovery solutions was already known. The price was also competitive,” Janne Auvinen describes the course and implementation of the project.

”During the first winter, we recovered 330MWh/month. District heating was used at 40 MWh/month. The heat recovery savings target was met handsomely. The district heating counter is now allowed to rest. Heat recovery system requires no maintenance or repair. I check inside the radiator from time to time and always state that it is like new,” says Janne Auvinen (pictured below next to the Runtech-supplied heat recovery).

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Janne Auvinen, Maintenance Manager, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Karhula, next to Runtech-supplied heat recovery