Hoffman & Lamson Play a Key Role in Revitalizing Colombia’s Bogota River

Powered by Hoffman & Lamson centrifugal blowers, the expansion and optimization of Bogota’s PTAR Salitre Wastewater treatment plant aims to clean up the Bogota River by preventing an average of 450 tons of waste per month from flowing into what is one of Colombia’s most important natural features. 

The plant uses one of the most common biological wastewater treatment processes available, activated sludge, in order to treat the contaminated water coming from the river. The process relies on two separate phases: Aeration and Sludge Settlement. 

Aeration plays a crucial role in the effective treatment of wastewater, however it is a resource intensive process, consuming almost 70% of the power used by treatment facilities. With performance, reliability, and efficiency in mind, the customer contacted Hoffman and Lamson in order to propose a solution that would help them support their planned increased treatment capabilities. 

Drawing on over a century of expertise and proven experience delivering centrifugal blower and vacuum solutions for a number of large scale projects, the engineering team proposed a solution consisting of eleven packages built around a Hoffman & Lamson 2400 series multi-stage centrifugal blower.

Designed to maximize performance, efficiency, and reliability on large-scale industrial processes and applications, Hoffman & Lamson’s 2400 series of multi-stage centrifugal blowers are ideal for processes that require uniform pressure, pulse free flow, and oil-free operation. Available with an inlet flow of up to 70,100 m3/h and a maximum discharge pressure of 1.5 bar g, the 2400 series successfully combined the performance required to power the PTAR Salitre treatment plant with Hoffman & Lamson’s engineering expertise; meeting all of the requirements outline by the project. 

Powered by Hoffman & Lamson’s blowers, the plant will play a critical role in reviving one of Colombia’s most important rivers by facilitating fast, efficient, and effective wastewater treatment.

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