Economic travel that protects the environment.

Hydrovane provides versatile solutions to a broad range of compressed air and gas applications and processes used in many industries.

These solutions reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and uptime, eliminate pollution and provide cost savings.

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The simplest way to describe the business of Hydrovane Transit, is 'Air on the Move'.

Applications within Trains, Buses, Trams, Metro Systems and not forgetting the Automotive sector for Electric and Hybrid vehicles are just a few examples of Hydrovane's versatility.

The Compressed Air delivered is a critical element in the safe operation of the Central Braking Systems as well as pneumatic door operation and vehicle suspension systems.

Hydrovane provides Air System Modules (ASM), for some of the most sophisticated applications and with extensive industry knowledge are able to offer products specific for industry, as well as on-going maintenance and aftermarket support.


More efficiency.

Public transport operators are facing strong pressure from both the public and the government to increase their operational performance, service and efficiency at the same time, reducing their costs.

Our efficienct air compressors with long life components keep energy consumption to a minimum whilst maintaining the lowest life-cycle costs - allowing our customers to maintain an efficient strategy of cost reduction.

More flexibility.

Hydrovane provide innovative air ends and compressors. The compact package is quick and easy to install and simple to maintain.

More reliability.

Our air ends and compressors are designed and built to last and contain few moving parts.

The sturdy, rigid construction of our products is perfect for withstanding shock, external vibrations and extreme conditions. They are built to offer long service intervals.