Field Service

Customer Support Agreements

Nash customer support agreements offer service, maintenance, and analysis for your liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, and steam jet ejectors and supplies maximum cost control and minimum downtime. Our agreements are tailored to fit your unique business needs and can range from preferred technician scheduling for inspections to sophisticated analysis of your system in order to optimize performance and efficiency.

Capacity Testing

We offer complete field-testing with orifice plates or test headers with your pump in place. Complete factory testing after each repair is available at an additional cost if requested by the customer. All repairs are guaranteed to bring your pump to better than or equal to 95% capacity* of a new factory unit. In-place testing may not be possible depending on size and location.

System Analysis

Our Certified Service Team can assist you in solving start-up issues and system troubleshooting to eliminate costly downtime. Our staff brings years of expertise in a complete vacuum and compressed gas systems. Gardner Denver Nash can supply you with the personnel you need to resolve system issues. We have been a leader in vacuum pump system installation and troubleshooting for over a century. With our experience and dedication to customer service, we offer you the best quality repairs & service available.

Vibration Analysis

Our service centers can collect vibration analysis data on your equipment in the field and establish a history to better prepare you for needed repairs before you tear down. Vibration analysis units can also be installed permanently on your units for around the clock charting.

System Start-Up and Operator Training

NASH Certified Service is available to help you with system start-up and operator training for your maintenance staff. Through NASH Liquid Ring University we offer educational and maintenance training seminars customized for the equipment and systems at your site. Hosted by one of our Certified Technician or Engineer, Liquid Ring University sessions are available on-site at your facility, at one of our Certified Service Centers, or another location of your choice.