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Rotary Screw Oil Less Compressor - EnviroAire VS VS15-VS110

EnviroAire (VS) 15-110 compressors

Oil-less water-injected screw technology (15-110 kW)

Why oil-less? No Oil - No Risk

If 100% clean and oil-free compressed air is a requirement for your industry, you cannot compromise on quality. These water-injected screw compressors are available in water-cooled and air-cooled versions and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified. Offering not only 100% pure oil-free air but also improved energy efficiency, these compressors are made to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of industries.

Key Benefits

Advanced totally oil-free technology

The ISO 8573-1 CLASS O certified EnviroAire T compressors offer the following benefits:

  • 100% silicone-free, guaranteed
  • Specifically designed for use in pure-air critical applications
  • Avoids contamination and provides the highest air quality standards
  • Independently tested and certified

For many industries such as 'food & beverages', 'pharmaceuticals' and 'electronics', air purity is a critical factor where even the smallest drop of oil risks contamination that can have severe consequences such as:

  • Product spoilage
  • Production downtime
  • Damage to production equipment
  • Damage to brand reputation

Your Benefits at a Glance

Life Cycle Solutions

  • 100% oil-free
  • High quality electric motors
  • Fully integrated silenced package
  • Single-stage, direct-driven drive maximises efficiency and minimises maintenance
  • State-of-the-art “GD Pilot TS” touch screen controller
  • High quality water injection lubricates, cools and seals the compression process, maximising efficiency
  • Easy service arrangement


100% oil-free

Low operating temperatures and bearing loads enable maintenance free sealed bearings to be used, totally removing the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. 100% oil-free compression is therefore guaranteed and the maintenance and environmental costs associated with oil and oil filter changes are eradicated.

Single stage. Water injected air-end

The direct driven air-end offers the highest level of efficiency and reliability. With exceptionally low rotational speeds, the innovative design of the air-end compresses air on both sides of the rotor significantly reducing bearing loads and increasing efficiency.

High quality electric motors

GD Compressors use the highest quality electric motors available, to ensure high quality and premium efficiency.

The VS variable speed compressor - one smart solution

The VS compressor is an efficient and versatile solution even for the most demanding industrial applications and carries all of the Gardner Denver features and benefits associated with reliable, easy to use operations and high efficiency.



State-of-the-art “GD Pilot TS” touch screen controller - everything under control

The “GD Pilot TS” with its high resolution touch screen display is extremely user-friendly and selfexplanatory.

All functions are clearly structured in five main menus and are intuitively visual. The multilingual “GD Pilot TS” control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your running costs.

With the ability to display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs, operating parameters can be precisely set to maximise the efficiency.

  • Line/network pressure
  • Motor speed (variable speed)
  • On load hours/total hours run & average volume flow
  • Weekly average volume flow
  • Ambient pressure & temperature
  • Inlet/outlet pressure and temperature at both stages
  • Oil/water pressure and temperature average volume flow



Each and every part that goes into a Gardner Denver compressed air system is tested and approved by our world-class engineering team. Pirate parts do not meet OEM specifications and often create costly operational problems that the provider has no capability to resolve.

Filters Sedalia

Efficiency & Longevity

Energy consumption makes up about 86% of the cost of purchasing and running an air compressor for the initial 5 years. Using the right parts and getting them replaced at the right time prevents energy waste in producing the amount of compressed air needed by your operation. Dirty and inferior filters tend to increase the pressure drop, and energy across your compressed air system.

In addition to efficiency, inferior filters and separators are a huge factor in reducing the life expectancy of your air compressor. Inferior filters and separators allow more contaminants into your air compressor. Once those contaminants reach the vital air compressor components, the result can be anything from polluted, shorter-life lubricant to a total airend replacement.

Parts Brochure Chart


Keeping your operation up and running is key. Our state-of-the-art production and warehouse facilities hold all the components needed to maintain your air compressor. On top of that, our distribution network is on the job 24/7, ready to get those parts installed on your equipment and get you back to maximum efficiency.

Parts Brochure Map Icon


Gardner Denver rotary screw air compressors feature an industry-leading 10 Year Platinum Extended Warranty. The quality and performance of genuine parts, lubricants and consumables allow Gardner Denver to provide you with the peace-of-mind that comes with this warranty. Lower quality pirate parts have been proven less effective at protecting your compressor investment. Backing the product with the Platinum Warranty requires only the best parts - only genuine parts.

10 Year Warranty Logo

AEON Lubricants

Engineered to Complete Your System

Lubricant is the “lifeblood” of a compressed air system. Every Gardner Denver rotary screw air compressor ships from the factory filled with one of our AEON Lubricants that has been engineered to get the most out of the machine. Continuing to use these AEON Lubricants not only maintains your extended warranty, but also plays a vital role in maximizing the efficiency and longevity of your air compressor.

Aeon Family

Parts and Services

Easy servicing

The design of these packages assures the service points are readily accessible. The enclosure side doors are hinged and removable to allow complete access to all service points. The reduced number of moving parts also lowers maintenance costs.


  • Short servicing times
  • Long service intervals
  • Reduced service costs

First class accessibility

  • Panels and covers easily removable with quick-release catches

Quality Service Management to ensure the efficiency of your air station

Our Total Commitment to Quality Free of worry - For Lubricated Screw Compressors, Oil Free Compressors and Refrigerant Dryers.

  • Total commitment to quality and worry free ownership
  • Simple and free of charge extended warranty scheme
  • All GD oil free technologies covered