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GD Connect 4 Sideways View

Control Systems Sequencers

The smart and simple fit for up to 4 compressors!

Today no modern energy efficient compressed air system is complete without the installation of an intelligent master control system. The new GD Connect 4 is the ideal control solution for smaller compressed air stations, and will intelligently control up to 4 fixed speed compressors.

Key Benefits

Potential Energy Savings up to 30%

The GD Connect 4 is designed to harmonise the complete compressed air station, ensuring that the system is correctly managed by optimising equipment utilisation and controlling the system pressure within the tightest band. Typically offering energy savings of up to 30 %.

Life Cycle Solutions

Clear display with individual compressor status

When customers want to buy a pump for an application, their requirements may vary widely. Perhaps they prefer dry-running to oil-lubricated and want to replace an old system. The deciding argument might be energy conservation or low noise emissions.

The GDD-HS advantage

  • Reliable, air tight piston compressor for instant start up
  • Simple and reliable cooling circuit which undergoes strict quality testing during manufacture and requires no adjustment.
  • Safety protection built in to the cooling circuit, increases reliability
  • Easy access for maintenance


User Friendly LED Display

A clear and easy to use LED display gives an individual compressor status of each compressor within the system.

Three selectable control functions

FIFO - First in first out
Equal running hours
Timer rotation

Additonal features

  • System pre-fill allowing you to pre-fill your system ready for production
  • Priority settings giving you complete flexibility
  • Pressure schedule increases system efficiency by allowing different pressures settings to
  • suit process applicationsReal time clock allows the accurate operation of the additional features