Adsorption Dryer GDX
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Adsorption Dryers

Innovation & energy efficiency guaranteed

The Gardner Denver GDX series of heatless regenerative dryers are the ideal solution for many thousands of compressed air users worldwide in a wide variety of industries. Compressed air purification equipment must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability whilst providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation.


Key Benefits

The Gardner Denver GDX series of heatless regenerative dryers

  • Highest quality air
  • Clean, oil-free and dry compressed air in accordance with all editions of ISO8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality

  • Energy efficient
  • Maximising savings

  • Dry air eliminates microbiological growth
  • Preventing product spoilage, recall and litigation

  • Dry air means zero corrosion
  • Preventing product spoilage and damage

  • Smaller, more compact and lightweight
  • Modular construction means less than half the size of conventional dryers

Modular design

  • 100% standby at a fraction of the cost of twin tower designs
  • 10 year guarantee on pressure envelope
  • Corrosion resistance due to alochroming and epoxy painting
  • Constant dewpoint performance thanks to snowstorm filling

Approvals to international standards

  • PED, CE, CSA (US+Canada), CRN
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Minimal space required
  • Simple maintenance
  • Giving reduced downtime
  • Reduced noise pollution Super quiet operation


Energy Management System

Life Cycle Solutions

The energy required to regenerate the off-line desiccant bed in an absorption dryer is constant, and based upon the assumption that the dryer is operating at its full capacity and the desiccant bed requiring regeneration has been fully saturated. In reality, a dryer is rarely operating at full capacity all of the time, for example during shift work and periods of low demand. Daily and seasonal fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity also change the moisture loading placed upon the dryer.

Under such conditions, at the point in the drying cycle where the air flow is switched from one drying chamber to the other, there is the potential for drying capacity to remain in the desiccant material about to undergo regeneration. As the energy used to regenerate this partially saturated bed is based upon the assumption that the bed is fully saturated, more energy (purge air) is consumed than is actually necessary.

Parts and Services

Parts and Services

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You get total product support now and for years to come from our dedicated international team of professional distributors, our Master Distribution Center with its extensive genuine replacement parts inventory, our Remanufacturing Center, and our skilled, factory-trained technicians.

  • Great Compressor Warranties
  • Dedicated, Authorized, Factory-Trained Compressor Distributors
  • Genuine Compressor Replacement Parts
  • 24-hour compressor service support

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