GARO Celebrates Safety and 1,000 Days Without Incidents

GARO cares about the theme "Safety" and has recently organized an event on it. A training session was carried out for all the employees on the topic and to recall the milestone of 1,000+ days without a recordable incident. Once again, thanks to this kind of initiative, the company had the opportunity to spotlight the importance of this topic and sensitize all the employees on safety at work, at home, and on the road.

During the celebration, the GARO HSE specialist presented the "general error scheme", an intuitive rule which sees the probability of an incident occurrence growing when behavioral errors are combined with specific personal status. Fatigue, frustration, in a rush, or too much self-confidence, along with wrong behaviors, such as an unfocused mind or sight during any task, cause about 90% of incidents.

It is essential to pay attention to this scheme to prevent any dangerous occurrence, especially in the work environment. In order to avoid incidents, as stated by Garo HSE, it is important to denounce "Hazards" and "Near miss" incidents. "Hazards" are potential dangers, where someone may cause an incident, while "Near miss" incidents are considered all dangerous situations that occur without causing any damage.

During the event, the GARO Managing Director took the opportunity to officially congratulate all the employees on their milestone of 1,000+ days without an accident.
In the end, every employee was rewarded with a small safety kit, which should remind them every day the importance of behaving safely.
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