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Low Pressure Solutions for Medical Ventilators & Respirators

We provide the healthcare industry with a number vacuum and blower solutions that are used both as components within medical equipment and for the supply of suction from a centralised vacuum system. One such device that we have supplied for many years is our side channel blowers for movement of air in medical ventilators. Recently ventilators have been used at the forefront of treating patients during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

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A doctor using ventilators to treat patient in ICU


Air beds

Air beds are used for bed-ridden patients at risk for bedsores (decubitus ulcer). The use of air can bring about a distinct improvement in patients. Skin can dry and heal better if an air-permeable mattress is used. At the same time, inflating individual air chambers while deflating others varies the pressure on the skin, thus helping prevent bedsores. Through selective raising and lowering of different areas, air beds can also help position the patient for treatment and personal care.


The cushion can be lifted with the help of compressed air to make it easier for older patients to stand up. Chairlifts also help the nursing staff to provide optimal treatment.

Central vacuum systems

Central vacuum systems are used in hospitals and ambulant surgical centres to draw off liquids occurring during the surgeries. A separator is installed in the operating room to separate fine particles from the larger ones. If the operating room is too small, the vacuum system can alternatively also be installed remotely.

Dental suction systems

Vacuum is used in dental equipment to draw off liquids such as cooling water from the drilling machine, saliva and blood. The side channel blowers used for these applications must be corrosion-proof.

Steam sterilization - autoclaving

Examples for application:

  • Instruments
  • Textiles (clothes)
  • Dressings

In a steam sterilizer the hot, saturated steam is condensed when coming into contact with the cooler object to be sterilized, which absorbs the heat released. This leads to the denaturation of the germs, the molecular structure of their protein being destroyed. Although dry heat can be used for sterilization as well, humid steam is more suitable for this application because the process then requires a lower temperature and shorter sterilization time. The sterilization process is determined by both biochemical and physical parameters, the efficacy of which can be determined with the help of experiments, i.e. by comparing the number of germs before and after the sterilization process.

Technical and medical respiratory devices

Side channel blowers are used in portable or half stationary respiratory devices. In the medical part, e.g. for chronic pulmonary disease, the patience is supported at breathing.
In the technical part side channel blowers are used in respirators.
The advantages in both applications are the long life-time as well as the robust design.