Elmo Rietschle supports vital medical equipment for new Wuhan hospital

A multi-national medical OEM has placed a major order for side channel blower technology from Elmo Rietschle to help provide urgent medical ventilators needed in China in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Since placing the order, the requirement for life saving ventilators has become a major global concern. Elmo Rietschle is therefore increasing its German-based manufacturing operations to meet this critical demand.

The side channel blowers specified are customised for the application and will be integrated into a specialised medical ventilation and respiratory monitoring system for use in the brand-new hospital currently under construction in the Wuhan province, and other medical facilities globally.

Elmo Rietschle has worked successfully with the client for many years, providing a range of pump technologies as Ralph Keil, Central European Sales Director for Elmo Rietschle explains: 

“We already have a proven and long-standing relationship with the OEM, helping to support the global ventilator supply.  We were approached because our side channel blower technology could be integrated as part of the emergency respiratory support systems.

“A key benefit of our side channel blower technology is that it is virtually maintenance free, making it ideal for the rigours of a busy hospital environment.  Its compact and robust construction is particularly suited to the design requirements, which includes a specialised transport supply unit.  Designed for portability and ergonomic handling when gas cylinders are not available in transit, it was important that the pump specified was lightweight to enable ease of movement around hospitals intensive care units.

“The system includes a built-in turbine with rapid response time and up to five hours of independent ventilation.  As a result, the OEM was particularly interested in the speed control options, via an external or integral frequency convertor alongside the unit’s superior efficiency levels.” 

Quiet and hygienic operation

As with all medical devices supplied into a healthcare environment, noise levels are of particular importance. With its frictionless operation, the side-channel blower is particularly suited to healthcare applications due to its silent running, which helps to provide a quieter patient environment.

Hygiene is also a key concern and the unit is manufactured with a special coating that limits the build-up of any bacteria and which is impervious to dust and other environmental contaminants.  The blower is also manufactured in a purpose-built clean room environment, to ensure complete contamination control.

A doctor using ventilators to treat patient in ICU

A doctor using ventilators to treat patient in ICU

Caroline Seit, Director of Manufacturing VP Tech from Elmo Rietschle adds:

 “The new units will be installed and deployed shortly in the new ventilators, enabling the Chinese medical professionals to provide much-needed care to vulnerable patients recovering from the virus.  We have more than doubled our production of these units due to current and predicted future demand, as the need for ICU ventilators and respiratory equipment continues to grow, not just in China but across the globe.

We are also increasing production of other key Elmo Rietschle product lines to help meet the demand for vital medical equipment elsewhere. This includes the production of our side channel blowers, rotary vane and screw vacuum pumps to help support our customers.”

Gareth Topping, VP Tech and PD Blowers Business Line Director concludes:

“We are known for providing our ‘mission critical’ products, services and solutions globally, which are depended upon by industries in the fight against Coronavirus CV-19 - whether it is equipment for ventilators supplied directly to hospitals, or used in food packaging lines to ensure our supermarkets are kept well stocked.

“We are working with industry to ensure we produce the equipment to keep vital equipment and supplies available to those who need it most.”