Standard is a thing of the past – built for extreme applications

New series of portable compressors from CompAir

CompAir will be presenting a new series of portable compressors in the strong medium-class of 5.5 m³ to 7.6 m³ with pressure versions between 5 - 14 bar at the Bauma between April 11 - 17 in Munich. The machines fulfil EU emissions Stage IIIB and offer many more benefits. Despite exhaust gas filtering, the consumption level of the new machines is approximately 10% lower than comparable predecessor models. Apart from the proven housing, the series has been completely revised. CompAir is focusing on "hands-on technology" and will be presenting 6 exhibits at the trade fair. From the small C14 to the TurboScrew.

Today, extreme use means much more than lower or clean emissions. In addition to the "bread and butter uses", compressors from this manufacturer have been successfully used in mines over 1000 metres underground for years, with exhaust gas treatment of course, or used far offshore in the salty air of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in Explosive Ordnance Clearance, for the construction of wind parks or the current construction of the transport link from Denmark to the Fehmarn island on the German side.

CompAir compressors are also not afraid of the cold or heights. After all, these machines have been used to support research activities at the South Pole and on construction sites in the Alps, at heights more than 1000 metres above sea level. They were transported to the Alpine peaks by helicopter.

The feedback received from these numerous extreme applications provided valuable information for the development team at the Simmern plant, enabling them to build even better machines. Clean emissions are good, but clean and lower emissions thanks to increased machine efficiency are better. CompAir uses air ends that they have developed and manufactured in-house. The latest is the GD4 type. 

Manufactured to narrow tolerances, the screw compressors are real "light runners", combined with matching motor power in terms of size and performance characteristic, they result in a better degree of efficiency, with continuously variable volume flow control included. Operation is easy, intuitive and clear. The housing provides space to store tools as well as room for additional equipment such as current generators or extra filters.

Bi-turbos – top class performance and efficiency

The large series of portable bi-turbo compressors with a volume flow of 20-27 m³ and pressure versions from 9 - 24 bar are tried-and-tested machines which are still at the top of their game. Introduced several years ago, they are still exemplary thanks to their measurably low fuel consumption when compared directly with other compressors. Here too, CompAir follows the mantra that even if emissions are clean, lower emissions are better.