One of international’s leading mining companies minimizes energy costs thanks to Gardner Denver

In the mining industry, large volumes of compressed air are required in a variety of processes, such as digging tunnels and galleries, drilling, paste preparation, water treatment, among others. After 10 years as our clients, this leading company has once again put its trust in Gardner Denver, by selecting us to supply efficient and reliable compressed air.

Mining case study

Application Details

As a leader in the mining sector, our customer requires equipment that performs and provides the reliability needed for complex installations.

Distributed in a number of flotation and treatment plants and mines; the compressed air systems supplied by Gardner Denver enabled a range of processes such as water treatment and paste preparation, as well as feeding directly into drilling and machinery.

Compressed air system description

Requiring new equipment to deliver steady, reliable compressed air, the customer turned to Gardner Denver to provide a solution. The supplied solution consisted of 22 CompAir L-Series rotary screw compressors, 2 DH Series two-stage oil-free compressors, a Hydrovane HV series rotary vane compressor, a Robuschi rotating lobe blower, and 2 NASH packages with model 2BE4500, liquid ring vacuum pump.

The objective was to provide clean and reliable air for the process, instrumentation and for the separation of the ore paste.

Energy savings of up to 35%

This modern Spanish mining company has variable speed CompAir compressors, which allow to efficiently manage the air demand of the different plants. This technology allows up to 35% more energy savings, as they provide a wide range of regulation, due to the absence of cycles, which implies significant savings, and have a wide range of regulation, resulting in savings even greater.

airINSITE: starting point to improve efficiency

This customer wanted to know if the compressed air management was being efficient and needed to identify the points of improvement.

Gardner Denver proposed an air audit of both compressors and air treatment accessories. The result allowed the customer to analyze the air pressure, the energy consumption and the flow.

From there, a change was designed in the configuration of the plant with respect to the machinery , adjusting power usage to meet demand. The result: a significant increase in energy efficiency.

Technological excellence

CompAir designs and manufactures the screw compression element in-house, since it is the core of the compressor. To do so, Gardner Denver employs the latest in CNC machining technology for rotors together with online laser technology.

Better purification, more efficiency

As for the equipment supplied, there are a total of 8 CompAir dryers, 5 adsorption dryers and 3 refrigerators. Modern mining production systems and processes require higher levels of air quality. CompAir compressed air systems incorporate the most advanced technology offering high energy efficiency solutions with a minimum life cycle cost. The use of heat recuperators and sequencers helps to obtain maximum efficiency.

Reliable and Efficient with Proven Performance

The NASH 2BE4 vacuum packages Gardner Denver sold to this customers are optimized to deliver a 6 – 8% efficiency improvement over previous 2BE models. The 2BE4 has been engineered to deliver improved performance, reliability, and efficiency. Based on the proven reliable flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump design, the 2BE4 is ideally suited to meet the demands of the mining industry.

Superior technical service

Crucial to maintaining our relationship with the customer, the technical team working on the project provided the level of service and support that was tailored to the customers needs. Based on a flexible technical assistance agreement, the maintenance agreement included weekly visits to guarantee that all equipment provided was functioning correctly.

OneAir, a unique solution for the needs industrial air

As one of Spain’s leading mining companies, this miner relies on Gardner Denver to supply equipment to meet a range of different air needs. In addition to CompAir compressors and compressed air accessories, the customer utilizes a range of Robuschi, Hydrovane, and NASH equipment. Having different technologies from a single provider has helped this customer access the knowledge, experience, and top tier service, providing real world results.