GARO OEM Tool Kits for Liquid Ring Compressor Maintenance and Repair
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GARO OEM Liquid Ring Compressor Tool Kits

Assembly/Disassembly Tool Kit
This tool is used for compressor assembly and disassembly in a more accurate way. 

Lining Tools (Motor Adapter Kit) 
Accurate machine adjustment is an essential element of any alignment process. Single slot pre-cut shims are available in five different dimensions and in ten different thicknesses. 

Fastener, Nut & Seal Kit 
Complete set of bolts and nuts with toolbox.

  • Improved Ease of Maintenance Applicable to GARO Units
  • Mitigates the Risk of Incorrect Disassembly and Compressor Damage
  • Reduced Assembly / Disassembly Time
  • Consolidated Dedicated Kit Consisting of All Required Tools
  • Provides the Right Quantities and Sizes Required for Each Unit (FNS Kit)
  • Prevents the Wrong C-Parts Utilization (FNS Kit)
  • Reduction in Unit Repair Times (FNS Kit)
  • Ensure the Compressor Retains the Correct Pressures (FNS Kit)