Carrington Case Study

CompAir supplies the compressed air system at a combined cycle power plant in the United Kingdom

CompAir won the EPC contract for supplying the compressed air system based on trust and a strong working relationship already built up with Duro Felguera on a range of projects already completed.

Planning permission for the £1bn ($1.58bn) gas-fired power station was granted in 2008, with construction beginning in 2013, and the start of commercial operations in 2016.

Carrington is an 880MW combined cycle gas-fired power station developed over a 23 hectare site in Manchester in the UK by Carrington Power, a subsidiary of Ireland’s state-owned Electricity Supply Board (ESB). The plant, expected to produce clean energy sufficient to power approximately one million homes, is designed to have an operational life of more than 25 years.

Benefits at a glance

  • High quality air, improved production efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Equipment installed in shelter 
  • Unique closed cooling water circuit for airend cooling 
  • Efficiency design

Compressed Air Installation

CompAir initially completed the design and specification for the plant’s compressed air installation. The scope of supply was extensive and included the design, fabrication, transportation, testing, inspection and commissioning of all equipment, instrumentation and accessories necessary for its operation.

The compressed air installation comprised of a single shelter with two oil-free D90 compressors, two A120RS dryers, various filters and other accessories. All machines were housed by the shelter with the exception of the tanks, two receivers and two air ducts.

Automatic control

The compressed air installation incorporates a PLC connected to the instrumentation, which by hard-wired signals, manages the whole system without operator intervention.

Unique design

The unique design of the oil-free D-Series two-stage compressors, is focused on operational safety in demanding applications. The innovative clear construction delivers state-of the- art performance, in-depth control and outstanding reliability.

CompAir’s own in-house designed and manufactured airends work at constant low temperature levels and lower the compressor’s lifecycle costs. With easy servicing and full Assure warranty cover, major risks to the business due to installation failure are eliminated.

Risk mitigation

The award-winning D-Series achieves cutting-edge performance and efficiency.

  • Premium efficiency two-stage airend design
  • High quality IE 3 electric motor
  • Efficient motor cooling
  • Delcos XL touch screen controller with enhanced monitoring
  • Unique closed cooling water circuit for airend cooling

High quality air

By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying with modern design, CompAir delivered an extremely compact and reliable system producing totally dry and clean compressed air.

CompAir’s range of adsorption dryers efficiently remove water vapor from compressed air, delivering air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1: 2010, whilst improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The customer, Duro Felguera, opted for lower capital investment and reduced complexity compared to other adsorption dryer regeneration methods. In addition, these adsorption dryers provide lower maintenance costs when compared to other adsorption dryer regeneration methods.

The A120RS adsorption dryer solution provides increased operating efficiency, high air quality, a consistent dew point performance and low noise levels.