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Belliss & Morcom - Shaftless Motors

The Bottom Line on Drive Efficiency

How would you like to save up to $50,000 per compressor every year for your PET bottling plant? With Belliss & Morcom, you can.

PET bottle blowing is an energy intensive process. Therefore, when it comes to the compressors powering your bottle blowing machines, you want to be sure that the technology you’re using is as efficient as possible.

To eradicate the inefficiencies of using traditional drive systems for PET compressors, our Belliss & Morcom range use shaftless motor technology – but what is a shaftless motor?

With a shaftless motor the rotor is connected directly to the compressor crankshaft, transmitting 100% of the motors output power directly into the compressors running gear. This is an innovative, straightforward solution resulting in fewer wearing parts and reduced machine footprint – but what are the financial benefits to this innovation?

Motor Performance

The first area to consider is the transfer of power from the compressor motor. Even the smallest issues here can have a large impact on energy consumption. For example, a single 500 kW PET compressor may cost over $400,000 a year to run*. However, even a 1% loss of efficiency on the drive system can add over $4,000 in energy costs.

Many conventional compressors use inefficient belt drive systems, which operate with inefficiencies of between 5-7%. This can rise to as much as 12% after belt wear and friction losses, depending on the maintenance schedule that a plant has in place.

As a result, a drive belt drive system could be costing you as much as $50,000 per compressor every year in wasted energy!

To overcome this issue, many customers are specifying a Belliss & Morcom compressor with our unique shaftless motor technology. This reduces absorbed power and eliminates any losses that would be experienced by a belt drive system. All Belliss & Morcom compressors rated above 110 kW are offered with shaftless motor technology as standard, ensuring all of the motor’s output power is transferred directly into the compressor’s running gear, with zero degradation over the equipment’s lifetime.


Download our PET brochure - Every Detail Matters - to find out more about how Belliss & Morcom can save you money in your bottle blowing operations.

Maintenance schedules

The next challenge is maintenance, which most operators view as a necessary evil. Nevertheless, businesses have become increasingly wary of purchasing a compressor for a low upfront capital cost, only to find maintenance issues arise further down the line and any initial capital purchase savings are lost to unscheduled repairs.

This is not an issue with our shaftless motor technology, which requires no maintenance. All the standard maintenance practices that drive belt systems demand, such as belt tensioning, replacement, motor alignment and coupling checks, are eliminated with shaftless motor technology.

The Bottom Line

Throughout the 40 years we have been supplying the PET market, the savings available from both improved motor performance and reduced maintenance have been proven to have a considerable impact on both operational efficiency and your bottom line. 

To find out more about how Belliss & Morcom Shaftless Motor technology can improve operational efficiency and help you enjoy significant savings in your PET plant visit our product page here.


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