Elmo Rietschle Super-Lube 100 20 Lt
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Multi-Lube 46 200Lt


Genuine Elmo Rietschle Multi-Lube 46 Vacuum Pump Lubricant.

Lubricant designed for Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Pumps.

Recommended by Elmo Rietschle Engineers.

Lubricating oil for hydraulic systems, gearboxes and bearings of all kinds, where high operating temperatures or longer oil change times increased age requirements. Based on mineral oil it has good wear protection, rapid water separation, excellent corrosion protection, resistance to foaming, good air separation capacity and favourable viscosity/temperature behaviour. For circulation systems and fillings of all kinds. For oxidative and thermally highly stressed oil filled vacuum pumps.

Genuine Parts for Genuine Performance

Designed to perform factory-recommended maintenance on Elmo Rietschle Vacuum and Low Pressure Equipment. Genuine OEM parts meet exact equipment specifications and are backed by rigorous testing. Genuine parts helps your Elmo Rietschle equipment to:

  • Maintain optimum performance, process accuracy and energy efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of damage to the equipment and other components parts
  • Avoids unnecessary downtime, improves operational reliability and lowers life cycle costs.

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