Vacuum Ejectors & Systems

Steam jet and air ejectors use steam or gas instead of moving parts to compress a gas.  In a jet or ejector, a relatively high pressure gas, like steam or air, expands through a nozzle converting that pressure or potential energy to velocity or kinetic energy.  The jet of high velocity steam or gas entrains the gas to be evacuated or pumped in the suction of the ejector.  The resulting mixture enters the diffuser where velocity energy is converted to pressure at the ejector discharge.


Steam jet ejectors use steam as the high-pressure motive fluid to create deep vacuum. Whereas air jet ejectors are utilized when required capacity is low or steam is not available or desired. The simple construction and lack of moving parts results in a reliable pump with little maintenance, low initial cost that is custom designed with no limit on size, capacity or materials of construction. These attributes make steam jet and air ejectors the ideal solution for the most demanding applications in oil & gas, chemical and electric power industries.