Transportation and Logistics

Gardner Denver has a long history of supporting transportation around the world. Our application expertise has given us a deep understanding of the roadblocks our customers face, and how to overcome them. Whether by road, by rail or by sea, our depth of knowledge and breadth of products help to drive innovation and keep the transportation and logistics industry moving.


Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Gardner Denver vacuum pumps and compressors help fill the industry's need for innovative geared drives, serving a wide range of power takeoff applications.

Tank Truck Systems

Gardner Denver tank truck systems are tailored to fit a variety of operations, vehicles and bulk plant requirements, and to comply with most industry standards and recommended practices.

Tank Truck Components

All Gardner Denver tank truck components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, protecting drivers and the environment from spills and contaminants.

API Couplers

Our API couplers and adapters provide a quality connection at loading racks and service stations, incorporating maximum safety, high flow, low pressure drop, easy maintenance and long service life.

Dry-Break Couplers

Dry-break couplers offer the industry's safest method for loading and unloading rail cars, eliminating leak hazards and adapting to fit a wide range of size and seal material requirements.

Marine Loading Arms

Utilizing the latest stabilizing technology, our marine loading arms provide the durability needed to transfer products to and from river barges, ships and tankers.

Emergency Release Systems

Our emergency release systems provides automatic disconnection of a loading arm or hose in the event of a tanker accidentally driving away, protecting workers and the environment from costly leaks.

Refueling Systems

Gardner Denver supplies complete solutions to the industry's fueling challenges, offering high-speed fueling and automatic shut-off to get cargo vehicles safely back on the road.

Fuel Nozzles

Our fuel nozzles are specially engineered to handle high-volume, high-speed fueling and offer reliable long-term performance.