Applications within the transportation industry include dry bulk and liquid transfer; tyre inflation, braking systems, cushioned suspensions and air tools in the utility sector as well as providing access to overhead works and utilities for installation, maintenance and repairs. We also provide energy efficient compressed air solutions. 

Compressed Air Applications

Air compressors are used in a whole variety of transit applications that include main line trains, light rail trains, underground trains, trams, metros, hybrid buses, electric buses, etc. With the focus on reducing energy consumption and the move towards more sustainable energy forms, the use of electrically driven compressors with an on-demand control system is increasing. The vane compressor is ideal for both new build and retrofit transit applications as it is an integrated unit offering ‘plug and play’ capability. Compressed air is used for braking systems, suspension systems, door operation, floor leveling systems, pantographs, wipers and claxons. Following the example of transit applications, transport is also moving towards electrically powered vans and trucks which require electric compressors supplying air for the braking and suspension systems.

Dry Bulk Discharge

Drum products have enjoyed a long, successful history of providing solutions for loading and unloading liquids and dry bulk materials from road tankers. Dry bulk materials conveyed range from fine powders such as cement through to larger pellets like animal feed. Pressure discharging bulk liquids increases the range of liquids that can be hauled by a tanker, thus increasing fleet flexibility. All Drum products are designed to provide market leading performance in small, low weight installations to allow hauliers to maximise profits.

Mobile Power

Air Drive under floor systems use the host vehicle’s engine to provide mobile power to contractors, utility companies and local authorities. Eliminating the need to tow a separate auxiliary engine to provide power, Air Drive solutions lower operational costs, free up towing capability and increase security of the equipment. Applications include optical fibre blowing, road and pavement repairs/patching, white lining, crash barrier repair, insulation blowing and tyre inflation.

Powered Access

The Priestman brand of van and truck mounted access platforms is synonymous with high quality, reliability and safety. Used wherever elevated access is required, specific applications include access and installation of CCTV systems, street lighting and overhead lines. In-house design, manufacturing & installation capabilities provide our customers with peace of mind and a single point of contact for service support.

Tank Truck and Rail Car Loading and Unloading

Emco Wheaton provides complete solutions for tank truck and rail car loading and unloading. We design, manufacture and install a variety of top and bottom loading arms as well as a range of Emco Wheaton and TODO Dry-Break couplers and adapters for use in this application. Our products allow you to handle virtually any liquid known to man in a safe and reliable manner. In addition, Emco Wheaton manufactures a range of integrated tank truck systems providing metering systems for fuels such as home heating oils and sealed cargo systems enabling monitoring of individual compartment valves and hatches as well as vehicle tracking. Our systems meet the highest standards and have been proven throughout the industry for many years. We also provide products that can be used in the loading or aircraft refuelers/bowsers including tank truck valves and fittings, API couplers, loading arms and Dry-Break couplers and adapters.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Products

The Wittig tradition of creativity and innovative thinking are brought to bear on mobile, truck mounted vacuum products which are focused specifically for the needs of the road transport industry and applied to the full range of vacuum tankers. From smaller septic and basic suction vehicles to larger combination suction and flushing tankers, Wittig machines deliver superior performance allowing operational costs to be kept to a minimum.

Vehicle and Rail Car Access

The risk of falling from the top of tank truck and rail car tankers is a subject of increasing concern to operators, users and inspectors. Unacceptable levels of injury and fatalities in recent years have made this one of the leading issues within the bulk fluid transfer industries. Emco Wheaton provide a range of equipment to ensure operator safety including folding stairways, protective grating systems and safety baskets which are used to bridge the distance from loading racks to road or rail tankers.