Oil and Gas

Gardner has successfully partnered with the oil and gas industry’s refineries as well as upstream and offshore applications providing them with highly reliable and safe vacuum pumps/compressors and compressed air. We also deliver solutions for the safe loading and unloading of almost any liquid or compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers.

Aircraft and Helicopter Fueling

Emco Wheaton manufacture a number of overwing fueling nozzles for both general aviation and military fueling. A variety of options are available including interchangeable spouts and hot refueling features, which allow for the safe refueling of helicopters with rotors turning.


Water Jetting systems can remove waste particles that damage your most vital systems and assets. From clogged pipes to debris removal, Water Jetting systems are a wonderful alternative.


Compressed Natural Gas is increasingly being used as a more economical and environmentaly friendly alternative fuel for private, commercial and public transport vehicles. Refuelling stations use gas compressors to generate CNG then store it and distribute it. Marine loading arms are used to load and unload CNG from ocean going super tankers.

Coal Bed Methane Gas Recovery

This application is found in coalmines where two forms of gas may be produced. One gas is from microorganisms feeding off the coal, and the other gas is from gas deposits in the mines. By drilling into the coalmines, and locating sufficient gas deposits, the gas can be recovered through vacuum, depending on suction and discharge pressures at the well head. The gas, once recovered by the low-pressure vacuum, is then compressed by high-pressure compressors to a pipeline for processing or used for cogeneration, etc. Normally the methane gas recovered is very clean but significant quantities of liquids may be entrained in the gas. This gas is recovered for a number of uses, including cogeneration and gas plant processing for redistribution of sale.

Compressed Air Applications

Oil and gas production and handling can be a hazardous process where health and safety are paramount. For this reason compressed air is extensively used in a multitude of applications in these industries. Compressed air is non flammable and can be used in the most hazardous environment. Whether used for breathing air or process compressed air is the first choice for safety.

  • Air operated process equipment – In hazardous areas, compressed air is the first choice for operating manufacturing equipment used in a multitude of processes
  • Process – Clean safe compressed air can be used in direct contact with product
  • Cooling – Compressed air is used in a vortex tube for cooling processes
  • Air operated pumps – Compressed air operated pumps are used as a alternative to electrically driven pumps.
  • Filter cleaning – Compressed air is used for reverse air jet purging to keep filters clean extending the lifetime and reducing downtime
  • Pipe pigging / cleaning – Compressed air is used to push the “pig” inside the pipe for internal pipe cleaning
  • Descaling Gas / Oil Tanks – Portable compressed air can be used for mobile tank cleaning
  • Standby System – Portable compressed air can be used as a standy-by system to back up the site’s stationary compressors

Crude Oil Vacuum Distillation

Crude oil is processed to produce gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuels via atmospheric and/or vacuum distillation in refineries. This application involves applying a vacuum to a crude oil distillation column. The combination of heat and vacuum separates the crude oil into different components based on their boiling temperature (distillation). Its purpose is to enhance the recovery of the lighter components, such as gasoline. Vacuum distillation is more energy efficient than atmospheric distillation.


Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, and sells a full line of drilling pumps for the Oil & Gas industry. Our products cover the entire gamut of applications, from highly-mobile, shallow-drilling rigs to severe duty operations in the unconventional shale basins. Our drilling pumps are also used both on offshore drilling platforms and onshore drilling rigs. Gardner Denver drilling pumps are known for their durability and long life and we offer full packaging services as well.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery is an upstream process, which includes pulling a vacuum on an oil well to relieve pressure on the well. This allows the oil to flow more freely, increasing oil production. This application may also include associated gas, which is merely the inclusion or recovery of gas at the annulus of the well, with the oil being recovered and the separation of the oil/gas via a separator at the point of recovery, normally at the surface of the well.

Field Gas Boosting

Field gas boosting is the process of boosting low-pressure gas from the wellhead to a high-pressure pipeline. The wellhead gas pressure, below atmospheric pressure or at a relatively low positive pressure, will require a vacuum pump or a low-pressure compressor to extract the gas and to boost it to 15 to 30 PSI above atmospheric pressure. A liquid ring vacuum pump or compressor is used as the first stage, and then delivers the gas to the second stage high-pressure compressor. The high-pressure compressor, usually a rotary screw or reciprocating compressor, delivers the gas to a gas processing plant via a pipeline.

Fleet Refueling

Emco Wheaton are a leading manufacturer of fueling systems for fleet vehicles, including the industry standard POSI/LOCK 105 for fast, spill-free fueling of transit buses and other fleet vehicles and the G2266 Off-Highway Automatic Fueling System for off-highway and mining operations. The Emco Wheaton and Todo range of Dry-Break couplings and adapters and the Todo Fuel Oil Nozzle compliment the range of fleet refueling equipment on offer.

Fuel Gas Boosting

This application involves the utilization of a booster compressor to provide natural gas to a natural gas engine that may be utilized in the gas recovery or compression process.

Fuel Storage

It is important that contaminated product is not taken from the storage tank. Emco Wheaton provides Floating Suction Units that are suspended just below the surface of the liquid and the inlet to the pump is held in the clean dense product regardless of the constantly changing liquid level. For tanks with floating roofs, large bore roof skimmers move with the roof to drain away unwanted liquid. Emco Wheaton and Todo coupllings and adapters ensure spill-free transfer of product.

Locomotive Fueling

Emco Wheaton manufactures a range of products for use in locomotive fueling applications including the Buckeye automatic fueling system for diesel locomotives, a range of Dry-Break couplers and adapters and top loading arms specifically designed for the demands of unloading product from rail cars in extreme temperatures.

Marine Loading / Unloading and Bunkering

Emco Wheaton designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of solutions for the safe loading and unloading of almost any liquid or compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers. Pantograph balanced mechanical link technology provides the stability and strength for this most demanding task. In addition, Emco Wheaton and Todo swivel joints, Dry-Break couplers and adapters, are all used within bunkering applications.


Emco Wheaton and Todo supply products for use in a variety of offshore applications including the receiving of fuel, oil, oilbased mud and potable water from supply vessels or on hose reels for the loading of the supply vessel.

Offshore Platforms

Flare gas, vent gas, tail gas or off gas recovery is the process of capturing of waste gases during theextraction process. It is no longer acceptable to simply dispose of these gases by flaring. Liquid ring compressors enable the collection and recovery of these gases for energy or other recovery purposes. Liquid ring technology provides for safe and reliable compression of these explosive and often times dirty gases. In addition, they are used for the glycol recovery on platforms located in colder climates.


Gardner Denver production pumps are used in a variety of production areas. They are ideal for saltwater disposal, steam recovery, pipline testing, water blasting, and hydrocarbon service.

Solvent Dewaxing

Filtering or dewaxing is the process of recovering waxy compounds from production of hydrocarbon based oils. By removing waxy compounds from oils, it improves its quality and desirability. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are pulling vacuum on continuously rotating disc or drum type filters that may contain inert nitrogen gas with chilled Methyl Iso-Butyl Ketone [MIBK] solvent. If higher vacuum levels are required, then a combination of a mechanical blower and liquid ring vacuum pumps is selected for this application.

Stimulation and Fracturing

Gardner Denver Stimulation and Fracturing pumps are on the forefront of the battle to exploit ever deeper basins. They have been specifically designed to meet the highest pressure requirements. Gardner Denver stimulation and fracturing pumps are offered in both triplex and quintuplex versions and are field-proven.

Tank Truck and Rail Car Loading and Unloading

Emco Wheaton provides complete solutions for tank truck and rail car loading and unloading. We design, manufacture and install a variety of top and bottom loading arms as well as a range of Emco Wheaton and Todo Dry-Break couplers and adapters for use in this application. Our products allow you to handle virtually any liquid known to man in a safe and reliable manner. In addition, Emco Wheaton manufactures a range of integrated tank truck systems providing metering systems for fuels such as home heating oils and sealed cargo systems enabling monitoring of individual compartment valves and hatches as well as vehicle tracking. Our systems meet the highest standards and have been proven throughout the industry for many years. We also provide products that can be used in the loading or aircraft refuelers/bowsers including tank truck valves and fittings, API couplers, loading arms and Dry-Break couplers and adapters.

Vapor Recovery / Gas Boosting

This application differs from vent gas recovery in that the vapors recovered are of a relatively fixed composition rather than a variable mixture. A typical application is capturing gases vented from storage tanks. The vacuum level is closely controlled in order to protect the storage tanks. Usually the discharge pressure is relatively low. Often these gases are returned to the process or are liquified and returned to the storage tanks.

Vehicle and Rail Car Access

The risk of falling from the top of tank truck and rail car tankers is a subject of increasing concern to operators, users and inspectors. Unacceptable levels of injury and fatalities in recent years have made this one of the leading issues within the bulk fluid transfer industries. Emco Wheaton provide a range of equipment to ensure operator safety including folding stairways, protective grating systems and safety baskets which are used to bridge the distance from loading racks to road or rail tankers.

Well Service / Workover

Gardner Denver offers the oilfield a host of versatile models for workover and well service applications. Our pumps have also been crafted to handle a host of difficult media, from cement to acid and abrasives. Gardner Denver also offers a line of centrifugal pumps that have been specifically designed for compact installations on well servicing units. These pumps provide space efficiency, while delivering high flow and a steady input supply.