Gardner Denver stands on two feet when it comes to marine and offshore applications. Obviously many of those use our gas and air related products such as vacuum pumps and compressors as well as compressed air.

Equally important are our wide range of bulk and fluid transfer products from our Transportation Group featuring the Emco Wheaton, Oberdorfer and TODO brands.


The potential applications of water jetting technology in the Marine industry is only limited by imagination. Our systems have been used for debris removal and cleaning.

Compressed Air Applications

  • Breathing air – Air filtration is used to provide breathing quality air
  • Nitrogen generation – Compressed air is filtered to product nitrogen
  • Air tools – Used in marine building and assembly
  • Air grinders – Used in the heavy steel assembly operation
  • Paint spraying equipment – Air is used to vaporize paint so it can be sprayed
  • Ballast water purification – Air is used to oxidize ballast water before it is released to the ocean
  • Ship refurbishment – Portable compressed air is used for ship refurbishment, to operate soda / ice blasting equipment to remove rust from the ships exterior
  • Offshore drilling exploration – Portable compressed air is used for offshore drilling exploration processes
  • Working air – Compressed air is used for general purposes in ships
  • Instrument air – Compressed air is used for instrumentation demands in ships

Marine Loading and Unloading and Bunkering

Emco Wheaton designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of solutions for the loading and unloading of almost any liquid and compressed gas products from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers. Pantograph balanced mechanical link technology provides the stability and strength for this most demanding task. In addition, Emco Wheaton and Todo swivel joints, Dry-Break couplers and adapters, off-highway fueling systems and grounding equipment are all used within bunkering applications; the transfer of oil via hoses, pipelines, or loading arms for the purpose of providing fuel or lubricants to a tank vessel or nontank.


Emco Wheaton and Todo supply products for use in a variety of offshore applications including the receiving of fuel, oil, oilbased mud and potable water from supply vessels or on hose reels for the loading of the supply vessel.

Shipboard Vacuum Priming

In this application, vacuum pumps are used to maintain a prime in bilge and transfer pump systems. Maintaining a prime allows onboard bilge pumps to maintain quick efficient start up. When several different services, for example, gray water and bilge water, are to be primed by the same vacuum system, each has its own priming valve. This prevents crossover contamination.

Vessel Support

Oberdorfer pumps cover a spectrum of applications in the Marine industry. In the engine room, our pumps provide fuel, coolant, and lubricants. Our compact line also provides a number of other solutions, including bilge water transfer, firefighting, balast control, and baitwells.