Life Sciences and Laboratories

At Gardner Denver, our flow control solutions help create the future of medical discovery. We supply a broad portfolio of technology tailored to the clinical and research environments, delivering powerful performance along with the quiet, efficient operation required in medical settings.


Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Our customers utilize low-noise, low-maintenance blowers and vacuum pumps to sterilize instruments, make surgery clean and safe, and improve patient care all over the world.

Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters

Our centrifugal blowers/exhausters are the heart of our vacuum systems. Whether central or portable, our engineered vacuum systems keep your laboratory, plant, or facility clean and dust free.

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Our dry vacuum pumps deliver reliable and efficient performance. With dry and contact free operation there is no need for lubricant, no process contamination, and no pollution from pump operation making this an ideal solution for laboratory applications.

Oil-Free Compressors

Gardner Denver oil-free compressors provide a reliable source of clean air in medical and laboratory applications where oil carry-over is not acceptable.

Air Displacement Pumps

Two types of air displacement pumps, the Z-Pumps and the iZ-Pumps, are available. They can pump gas as well as liquids and have a wide volume range.

Articulated Piston

Gardner Denver´s articulating piston pumps for industrial applications that require relatively high flow rates combined with pressure.

Diaphragm Pumps

Gardner Denver produces long-life diaphragm pumps for application gas analyzers, medical autoclaves and various laboratory applications.

Linear Pumps

Our linear pumps have a low power consumption and utilize electromagnetic forces for the power transmission on a diaphragm or piston.

Liquid Diaphragm Pumps

Gardner Denver liquid diaphragm pumps are ideally suited to applications like digital inkjet printers or suction pumps for clinical chemistry analyzers.

Liquid Linear Pumps

Our liquid linear pumps work on a low noise level, are oil-less and have a low power consumption.

Liquid Peristaltic Pumps

The Gardner Denver self-priming liqid peristaltic pumps are available in five different sizes and in either AC or DC.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

The oil-less Gardner Denver rotary vane vacuum pumps are suitable for pressure as well as for vacuum and work nearly pulsation free.

Syringe Pumps

Gardner Denver provides provides a wide range of different syringe pumps for a wide range of applications. The available syringe sizes vary from 50 µL up to 12.5 mL.

WOB-L Piston Pumps

The WOB-L piston pumps with their patented technology are extremely popular in the medical, automotive and beverage industries.