Power Generation

Compressor Applications

Control valves

Air operated valves and cylinders are used in production areas.


Compressed air is mixed with products to enable easier material handling and conveying.

Filtration cleaning

Compressed air is used for reverse air jet purging to keep filters clean while extending lifetime and reducing downtime.

Raw material handling

Compressed air, considered safe and reliable, is used for handling hazardous material such as reactor rods.

Compressed Air Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Bed combustion fluidization

The circulating fluidized bed technique allows to burn highly sulphurated products while respecting a low emission rate of issue of sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the fireplace. The fluidisation air of the outlet beds, siphons and ashes coolers is supplied by positive displacement blowers.

Evacuation condenser

Condenser exhausting involves the removal of air and other non-condensable gases from the steam space of power plant condensers. The purpose of removing these gases is to maintain the lowest possible turbine backpressure. The equipment used for this application is crucial to the efficient operation of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

Flue gas desulphurisation

In power plants, a continuous flow of low-pressure air is used to remove sulphur dioxide from the exhaust flue gases. To guarantee uninterrupted pollution control and make sure these plants are up and running continuously, the compressed air solution needs to be highly reliable and energy efficient.

Power generation:
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