Compressor Applications

Air curtains

Compressed air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area.

Control valves and cylinders

Control valves cylinders with compressed air are used to control equipment in the manufacturing process.

Material handling

Fluid pumping systems are operated by compressed air in volatile environments without the risk of explosion.

Nitrogen generation

Compressed air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen.

Process air

Compressed air is used in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving.

Product drying

Compressed air is mixed with products to accelerate the drying process.

Compressed Air Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Solvent recovery

Wastewater that is contaminated with solvents must be treated for environmental reasons. The simplest method is vacuum distilling, where the low-boiling-point fraction is evaporated and then condensed. The wastewater is then transported elsewhere for further use.

Thin layer evaporation

This process, which is also called molecular evaporation, is used to separate substances that have narrow boiling point ranges. Such equipment has a special design that only operates properly at specific vacuum levels.

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