Oil and Gas

Gas Condition Compressor Applications

Flare Gas Capture

Process of recovering the waste gases that would normally be flared, so they can be used as fuel gas elsewhere in the facility.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas conditioning system is designed to purify fuel gas so it can be more efficiently utilized by the gas turbine.


Process of raising or lifting fluid from a well by gas injected down the well through tubing or tubing casing annulus. Injected gas aerates the fluid to make it less dense, forcing the fluid out of the well bore. 

Vapor Recovery (VRU)

Compressors are specifically designed to capture natural gas emissions with high levels of hydrogen sulfide from oilfield stock tanks. 

Well Unloading

Removing fluid from the tubing in a well to lower the bottomhole pressure in the wellbore at the perforations and induce the well to flow. 

Gas Condition Compressor:
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Compressor Applications

Coiled tube drilling

Coiled tube drilling is an application used for revitalizing oil wells. A tube is placed down to the bottom of the well, sometimes over 1 km down, along with "soaps". The mixture of soaps and high pressure air or nitrogen fluidizes the well bed. Reavell compressors are usually used for this application and the model may vary depending on the flow and pressure requirements of the oil fields.

The compressors are usually mounted and installed as part of a packaged set on to the back of a flat bed truck to allow the unit to be easily transported around oil fields in different locations.

High Pressure Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Recovery of cleaning liquids

Centrifugal pumps are used for liquid handling, cleaning and recovery in auxiliary services / processes in refineries.

Sand oil fields recovery

Positive displacement blowers in vacuum operation are used to suck water and sand mixture being used during crude oil extraction by means of pressurised water injection process.

Oil and Gas:
Brands Overview


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