Mining and Construction

Compressor Applications

Air operated tools

Compressed air is used as an ignition free medium to power tools down in mines.


Compressed air is used as a safe medium for heavy duty blasting in the construction industry.

Fluidization of product

Compressed air is mixed with products such as coal dust to cause fluidization. As a result these products are better suited for material handling and conveying.

Reverse jet filtration cleaning

Compressed air is used for reverse air jet purging to keep filters clean while extending lifetime and reducing downtime.

Ventilation systems

Compressed air is used for the safe operation of ventilation systems in hazardous mine environments.

Compressed Air Applications:
Brands Overview

Blower and Vacuum Applications

Methane gas extraction

Blowers and liquid ring vacuum pumps are used to remove methane gas from underground coal mine basins.


Positive displacement blowers are used to provide necessary air ventilation into coal mines.

Mining and Construction:
Brands Overview


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