Compressor Applications

Air grinders

Air grinders are used in the heavy steel assembly operation as you can find in shipbuilding.

Air tools

Compressed air tools are used in marine building and assembly.

Ballast water purification

Compressed air is used to oxidize ballast water before it is released to the ocean.

Breathing air

Air filtration is used to provide breathing quality air.

Instrument air

Compressed air is used for instrumentation demands in ships.

Nitrogen generation

Compressed air is filtered to produce nitrogen.

Offshore drilling exploration

Portable compressed air is used for offshore drilling exploration processes.

Ship refurbishment

Portable compressed air is used for ship refurbishment, to operate soda / ice blasting equipment and to remove rust from the ship's exterior.

Compressed Air Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Air carpets

Under vessel air blowing by means of screw blowers to reduce friction between vessel and water during heading / cruising.

Feeding inert gases

Blowers are used to feed inert gas into oil / gas tanks on vessels to prevent explosion conditions.

Vessels running on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

To reduce the emission of harmful particles and exhaust fumes the first cruise ships are equipped with LNG engines.

Blower and Vacuum Applications:
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