Compressor Applications


Air is mixed with products to enable easier material handling.

Farm Equipment

Compressed air is used for farming and planting applications i.e. lettuce planting.

Milk Production

Compressed air is used for milking cows.

Compressed Air Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Dairy industry - milking

In addition to transporting the milk, the vacuum used in milking systems performs other tasks as well, such as attaching onto the udder and holding the weight of the milking claw assembly to the teat.


Before any further processing can take place, fish and molluscs must be gutted and cleaned. Worktables are outfitted with suitable vacuum nozzles that extract the entrails from the fish. A central vacuum system then pipes the combination of liquid and coarse particles through a filter where they are separated for proper disposal. The same is possible in the poultry sector.

Fish farms

In fish farming pneumatic conveying systems are used to feed the fish. These pellets are susceptible to damage and valuable feed can be lost during pneumatic conveying of feed pellets from the feed barge to the sea cages. Using variable speed drive side channel blowers avoid this complication while at the same time taking up only a quarter of the space needed for other technologies. Minimum maintenance and very low noise and vibration levels are further key features.

Pond aeration

The water's oxygen content can be substantially increased using gas ring blowers or liquid ring pumps, which in turn increases the number of fish that can be kept in a pond twofold or even threefold.

In this process air is drawn from the atmosphere and forced through an inlet into the tube aerator. It is then diffused into the water through tiny openings and rises in fine bubbles. The oxygen in the water causes the fish to grow and multiply more rapidly and significantly increases the yield.

Brands Overview


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