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High Pressure Applications

Our advanced range of reciproacting compressors can be counted upon in the harshest of environments, delivering high pressure air at point of use whens its needed most. Where ever you need high pressure air or gas in the theatre of battle, Gardner Denver compressors will support you either through our standard range of compressors or by delivering a custom engineered solution to meet your exacting standards.

  • Ballast and stabilisation tanks

  • Breathing air

  • Centralised air systems

  • Engine starting air

  • Nitrogen - Rocket control

  • Nitrogen - On top of liquid explosives for safety measures

  • Nitrogen - Military aircraft fuel systems to reduce fire hazard

  • Propeller masking

  • Radar cooling

  • Thermal imaging - cryogenic cooling systems

  • Torpedo charging

  • Weapon & missile guidance systems

High Pressure Applications:
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Blower and Vacuum Applications

Aerodynamic simulation

Blowing air is used to test aerodynamic facilities of objects.

Blower and Vacuum Applications:
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The Industrials Group is part of Gardner Denver, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of highly-engineered, critical flow-control products, Gardner Denver is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and has facilities in more than 30 countries. To learn more about the company, visit

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