ROBOX evolution

Robox Evolution Compact Compressor Opened

ROBOX evolution is the low pressure blower package, based on RBS series, operated by an electric motor through a special belt drive, including all accessories and noise enclosure.

  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)
  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar (a)
  • Capacity up to 10,500 m³/h


Low noise operation

thanks to innovative component combination, such as the RBS rotary lobe blower, SPF inlet silencer, discharge silencer and performant noise enclosure


Maintenance friendly

All maintenance is performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel. 



Monitored operation

ROBOX evolution features the ready-to-fit exclusive SENTINEL electronic monitoring system.



It has reduced dimensions and limited overall sizes. For this reason several ROBOX evolution can be placed side by side thereby significantly reducing the space required and therefore the dimensions of the blower room.


ROBOX evolution in ATEX version available on request


Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1



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