ROBOX Screw High Pressure

ROBOX Screw High Pressure Compressor Transparent

Highly efficient oil-free high pressure screw compressor unit.

  • Pressure up to 2,500 mbar (g)
  • Capacity up to 9,500 m³/h

Low noise

The optimum efficiency of the internal compression, guaranteed by the innovative Robuschi rotor profile, means less noise during the compression phase. This is due to the low rotation speed (max. 6,000 rpm) of the rotor and the absence of a step-up gear, along with special silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure (also available without sound hood - WL version), guarantee even low noise levels from the compressor, thus allowing installation in a variety of applications.


Forced lubrication system

The compressor is equipped with an oil pump integrated directly into the compressor, eliminating the need for another electric circuit and therefore reducing energy consumption.


Maximum energy efficiency

The innovative and unique profile of Robuschi's rotors optimises the ratio between capacity and pressure thanks to the maximum performance of the internal compression. This increases the efficiency of the ROBOX screw unit. Its characteristics ensure high efficiency (>75%) in a wide range of rotation of the compressor (from 100% to 25%), by reducing the energy consumption in any working condition. The high degree of efficiency of ROBOX SCREW plus its reduced maintenance costs  guarantee a quick return on the initial investment (2 years on average depending on the application and the operating conditions).



The compressor offers a turndown capability in flow to meet the needs of the customer. It's also suitable for intermittent use with frequent stops and restarts to best satisfy the specific process requirements. The belt drive ensures the right capacity for the application and also allows the installation of the motor most suitable for the power absorbed by the compressor (therefore operating at optimum efficiency).



The precision engineered design and meticulous choice of each component of the compressor, together with a low operating speed, make the ROBOX SCREW extremely reliable. At the same time, the SENTINEL 2 and SENTINEL PRO control panels ensure optimum machine operation through the continuous monitoring of the operating parameters.


Easy installation and maintenance

As it can be transported with a forklift and/or pallet truck, the ROBOX screw offers easy installation. The electrical system connection is also simple, using the rear auxiliaries' cabinet for configuration with the SENTINEL control panels. Furthermore, maintenance costs are reduced as every component of the ROBOX screw has a simple and robust construction, thereby guaranteeing a long working life. Thanks to the simple layout of the unit components, all routine maintenance tasks can be carried out from the front of the compressor, ensuring:

  • easy oil change
  • easy oil filter replacement
  • easy oil pressure adjustment and air filter replacement
  • easy drive belt replacement

Tailor made

The design of the ROBOX screw can be tailored in order to meet customer needs and match the application requirements.


Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1

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