ROBOX energy

Robuschi Pressure Vacuum

ROBOX energy combines the unique characteristics of the screw compressor, with the innovative permanent magnet motor.
  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)
  • Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h

Maximum Energy Efficiency

The internal compression, in combination with the efficiency of the permanent magnet motor, that is directly fitted on the conductor shaft, prevent potential loss of power coming from the belt drive and ensure important energy savings compared to other technologies available on the market.



The low operating speed of the RSW core compressor and the reduced load on the bearings, combined with the lack of step-up gear, resulted in a lean design of a compressor unit that yields energy savings so far impossible to achieve.

ROBOX Energy Low Pressure Compressor Unit


The combination of RSW screw compressor and permanent magnet motor allows a wide range of speed adjustments and consequently the compressor capacity.


Extremely Compact

ROBOX energy requires approximately 30% less space than comparable units. It responds to the growing market for smaller and compact machines in the compressor room. An other advantage of its design is the fact that several units can be placed next to each other with front access for the maintenance.


Plug & Play

With the new ROBOX energy concept, Robuschi has developed a complete unit fitted with integrated variable frequency drive. The installation is simple: just connect the piping, electrical power line and control panel to the system. If needed, the VFD can be installed separately.


Smart Control System

ROBOX energy is fitted with a new latest generation (HMI) “touch screen” control panel that makes it possible to monitor  the operation of the entire unit and to remotely connect by means of an Ethernet cable or via Web.