History of LeROI Gas

Rotary Compression Technologies is the parent of a group of companies that design and manufacture rotary screw compressors for the natural gas industry and perform contract machining for a ”blue chip” list of customers, principally in energy markets.

RCT, the leading manufacturer of rotary screw compressors specifically designed for wellhead collection and distribution of natural gas. RCT manufactures gas compression screw ends up to 800 HP and is used by 61% of the U.S. market. RCT goes to market under the LeROI gas compressor brand name.

Rotary Compression Technologies Inc is housed in a 250,000 square foot building in Sidney, Ohio. There is 15,000 square feet of office space. In addition there is a 13,000 square foot lab building. Both buildings sit on 18 acres of land located just minutes from a major interstate highway. 

LeROI and the Trademark Lion have a long history in air compression, construction air tools, pneumatic and hydraulic drill rigs, and engines with machine shops supporting all operations. The Lion dates back to the early 1900’s where their first major contract was with the French Government which was how the name LeROI came about (LeROI in French means THE KING). The Company moved from its Waukesha, Wisconsin facility to Sidney, Ohio in 1960.

The company has been owned by several Fortune 500 companies beginning in the 1950’s which set the pace for processes used in manufacturing and administration as well as the development of the rotary screw manufacturing technology in Sidney. During the 1990’s the company was producing upwards of 500 screw compressors per month, almost exclusively for the air compression business. Between 1980 and 1995, the LeROI screw was engineered for gas compression and, with the LeROI design enhancements, by the mid 1990’s rotary screw compressors experienced a market acceptability previously denied in an otherwise reciprocating compressor gas market. In 1995, the company was bought by the Invensys Corporation and in 2000, it decided to move air compressor production to Europe and sell off the remaining U.S. assets. During this transition a small group of stockholders purchased the building in Sidney along with the orphaned gas compressor business.

The stockholders committed all earnings to be invested back into the business. The company has added new product offerings and engineering support for our gas compressor customers, setting us apart from all our competition. Today, our customers can purchase a loose gas screw end, a partially engineered gas module including all cooling, plumbing, and oil separation components, or a fully engineered skid mounted gas compressor with drives and controls. RCT has purchased three machine shops to secure adequate machining capacity for growth and control of deliveries.

LeROI Gas is the only manufacturer committed solely to the success of our Natural Gas customers.

LeROI Facility

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