When your high pressure compressor reaches the end of its service life, it does not mean you need to replace it. Even the best engineered high pressure compressed air or gas equipment has a limited life expectancy and after many years of faultless service can become inefficient – Costing you valuable time and money.

Gardner Denver’s High Pressure Solutions, offers advanced research and development facilities, a dedicated and experienced team, a class leading manufacturing centre and an undivided attention to high quality engineering excellence.

With one of the industry’s most experienced refurbishment teams based in Redditch (UK), Gardner Denver can offer your business a full diagnostic evaluation and recommend a program of refurbishment which will bring your existing high pressure system back to optimum operating specification.

Where possible we visit your installation and assess the performance of your compressor and recommend the most suitable refurbishment program to restore the compressor back to optimum operating performance.

Contact the Aftermarket team with more information about your requirements.

Reavell and Belliss parts and services

• Fixed cost preventative maintenance
• Compressor and component refurbishment
• Enhanced product upgrades
• On site commissioning and training
• Full turnkey installations
• Unrivaled product & technical support