Company Structure

Gardner Denver is comprised of three divisions: the Industrials division, the Energy division and the Medical division, all with manufacturing facilities in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. 

The Industrials division designs, manufactures, markets and services rotary screw, reciprocating and sliding vane compressors and multistage and positive displacement, centrifugal and side-channel blowers.  The end market sectors served by the Industrials divisions are primarily industrial manufacturing, transportation, energy, mining and construction, environmental and food and beverage.  

The Energy division manufactures, markets and services liquid ring pumps and engineered systems for power generation, environmental, petrochemical, pulp and paper and industrial applicationspumps and fluid transfer equipment used primarily in oil and natural gas well drilling, servicing and production, and petrochemical and industrial applications. This division's products also include loading arms, swivel joints, couplers, valvesfall protection and access equipment used to load and unload ships, tank trucks and rail cars. 

The Medical division manufactures single-piece piston reciprocating, diaphragm and linear compressors and vacuum pumps, which are used in medicalenvironmental and laboratory applications.