Helping the World Go Green

Going GreenGardner Denver and its family of brands worldwide has a number of energy saving, pollution control and reduction products that result in savings for our customers and have a positive impact on the environment worldwide.

Energy Savings
In the United States, Gardner Denver has earned ENERGY STAR status through a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Through its partnerships with private and public sector organizations, the ENERGY STAR program delivers the technical information and tools organizations need to choose energy efficient solutions and best management practices. Energy efficient compressors manufactured by Gardner Denver contributed to saving businesses, organizations and consumers approximately $16 billion in one year alone.

Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency is a global issue. Motorists are always looking for ways to get more miles to the gallon. One way to do this is by inflating your tires with nitrogen. Tires inflated with nitrogen instead of standard air can impact fuel efficiency and extend the life of tires. Our Champion® compressors, in combination with a membrane filter, can separate nitrogen from ambient air. This nitrogen is used in filling stations of public and vehicle fleet companies.

Heat Recovery
Another by-product of compressors is heat. Gardner Denver has worked with customers to harness this heat and use it to heat their buildings. Duct work is connected from the compressor to the building’s heating system.

Wastewater Treatment
Water is viewed as one of the world’s most precious resources, and by many accounts, it’s possibly the most threatened by pollutants and climate change. Equipment manufactured by Gardner Denver touches the lives of people with respect to clean water everyday.

Research indicates the average American gen­erates 80-100 gallons of wastewater each day. The Gardner Denver® multistage cen­trifugal blowers, regenerative blowers and Nash® liquid ring pumps and compressors play an important role in treating wastewater and keeping the environment clean.

Playing a Role in the Production of Solar Panels
Solar energy is one of the alternative forms of energy being used worldwide. Solar panels are used to collect energy from the sun. A critical part of the process is the lamination of each solar panel. This can only be done using a deep vacuum system. Manufacturers who use lubricated vacuum pumps for this process experience pump failures caused when the glue vapors from the lamination contaminates the pump’s oil chamber, degrading the lubricant. When the pump has a failure shut down, the vacuum is lost. This can create air bubbles in the solar panel. Since this is unacceptable, the solar panels must be scrapped because of quality problems.

energy saving innovationTo ensure quality, Gardner Denver offers a dry vacuum pump system that does not use any lubricant. The development of the solar screw system 1000 two-stage, dry vacuum screw pump, manufactured in Schopfheim, was a result of Engineering listening to the customer, who needed a pump with greater capacity and reliability. Not only is this pump reliable, it also is more energy efficient because of its two-stage design. This vacuum system produces more solar panels quicker, using less energy than the competition.